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Monday, 28 January 2013

GCSE-Food & Health Protection and Motion - Point 22

If you have voted in the funding and technical assistance poll please contact the GCSE FHP Team to formally register your interest.

The motion point 22 is part of the GCSE-Food & Health Protection motion for taking real actions that will better protect all consumers of food and health products everywhere. The Coalition wishes to live up to this motion. Hence, as part of the activities and benefits to members, the Coalition is developing plans that will allow it to provide technical and financial assistance to small companies. The provision of scholarship funds for students wishing to pursue careers related to health protection in any food and health sector is also part of this plan.

At this time, the Coalition wishes to determine the level of interest in the following three areas:

  1. Members willing to serve in the funds provision committee. Individuals with accounting/finance management and corporate law backgrounds would be particularly helpful as members of this committee.
  2. Number of companies (already members or willing to join the coalition) that may be interested as recipients in the funding and/or technical assistance program.
  3. Students or prospective students (already members or willing to join the Coalition) who may be interested as recipients in the scholarship funds program.
Please indicate your interest by voting in the poll at the bottom of the left sidebar. After voting on the poll, please contact the Coalition Organizing Team via email to formally express your interest at: You may also contact the Team via Contact Us.

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