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Potential Business Opportunities Page

A list of business opportunities

If you have or know of a business opportunity that has to do with the food or health sector, you may submit it to:  for free listing
Listings with expiration or closing dates may be removed after the indicated dates. 

FAO Job Listings:
Most announcements in this section will be posted in only one FAO language. For further information on minimum requirements and guidelines please click here and/or visit our Application Toolkit on the right-hand side of this page. Project Staff at...

Opportunity Notice Announcement

Agencies, Crown & Private Corporations

If you provide food safety and quality management training services, you could become an SSQA training provider and your organization could serve as a training centre. Did you also know that consultants have the opportunity to receive SSQA enrolment commission?

Consultants and trainers who provide SSQA implementation services or training to their clients, may also submit a brief synopsis of their overall services and related information for FREE LISTING by GCSE-Food and Health Protection as a way of gaining additional exposure. You may contact the SSQA-D Team for additional details.

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