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37. Leaders who fear to dare give up their right to lead.

Past Updates Below: 
36. Fearing the unknown is understandable; but one should not fear what makes sense. SSQA makes sense.

35. The Nobel Prize would have been unnecessary if individuals were not graciously endowed to do remarkable things. 

34. An “uphill battle” has the better chance of taking you to the height of success. The opposite is a “downhill” slide.

33. At every opportunity, carefully listen and observe to learn as many good things as possible. No good thing learned is ever wasted.

32. Contributing as much as we can to the betterment of our communities validates the legitimacy of our belonging in a civilized society.

31. Fear kills not only the one who fears but all who could be helped if the one who fears was brave enough.

It is true. Some people have unrealistic dreams of changing the world because they do not take any actions. Others have said it is impossible and therefore take no actions. But the world has actually changed and continues to change through small determined actions of some who persistently try - Take a small giant step today – Join the GCSE-Food and Health Protection campaign -

29. Persevere and find new ways to succeed at a good cause because it is not a failure until it is, and when it becomes a failure is indeterminate.

28 - In the Global Coalition for Sustained Excellence in Food & Health Protection there is only the arena and everyone (the operator, the employee, the professional, the regulator, the educator, the consumer) is a player. There are no sidelines or sideline observers and no contribution is too small but indifference is fatal.

27 - You are on the right track and doing well if you work with this realization: Every step that you take at any moment is essential and critical.
26 - If you caused only one person to stop, think and take a positive action today, you have done more than most.

25 - Instead of becoming discouraged because of the many instances of recalled products, let this motivate you to join the coalition for positive and progressive action: 

24 - Never sell yourself short. Success only comes to those who dare. Dare to succeed instead of watching others succeed while you only wish you could.

23 - The fear of losing one’s source of income is legitimate and understandable but it is inexcusable if it is allowed to cloud, crowd or undermine one’s sense of moral obligation and social responsibility.

22 - The SSQA (safe and secure quality assurance) model has defined expectations from a new way of doing the old things which are mostly done the wrong way today with confused expectations. You may register for the workshop/training today:

21 - Useful information exchange among members holds significant power to effect progressive change in any community or society. Please feel free to share helpful information, comments, questions, or suggestions with the group: Join us on Linked-In: join the international mobilization:

20 - The Global Coalition mentality –every one of us can and need to contribute to solving global problems. It only requires taking advantage of any opportunities available to us and doing our parts right where we are.

19 - The Global Coalition for Sustained Excellence in Food & Health Protection seeks not to engage mere dreamers; but visionaries. Join us on Linked-In: join the international mobilization:

18 - Please! Don't be silent. We need as much prodding as possible to do the right things. We (all of us) are the direct beneficiaries.

17 - Food-related health risks affect us all but more so for the vulnerable groups (children, elderly, allergy sufferers, immuno-compromised individuals). Do you know individuals who belong to any of these groups and you are wondering how much you can do to ensure the food they eat is safe for them? The GCSE-Food & Health Protection campaign provides the opportunity: Join the Linked-In group OR Join the International Mobilization

16 - A small kind gesture or good deed costs so little but has immeasurable value.

15 - By all means, you must proceed cautiously when trying new things but you should not be afraid to do so.

14- Is one life saved by the industry worth your contribution of simply adding your voice to the GCSE-Food & Health Protection campaign? You membership is voluntary but highly valuable. You may Join here

13 - Setbacks keep us from getting complacent and provide the platform for reaching greater heights of achievement.

12 - Never let any deceptive feeling of inadequacy deter you from taking seemingly small but significantly helpful actions that are certainly and indisputably the right actions to take.

11 - Challenges may appear gigantic and intimidating at first but all challenges can be divide up and conquered in small increments.

10 - Absolutely nothing is wrong with being the first to step up in doing what is right.

9 - Do not merely practice your profession to earn income; practice it to leave a lasting trail of positive contributions and outcomes.

8 - Never yield to the enticement of complacency or indifference. You are able to make significant contributions for the common good.

7 - Encountered difficulties will surely run you down if you let them but doing all you can to rise above them will certainly open up new opportunities.

6 - Catch the passion! Act on your passion! Live the passion! Join GCSE-Food & Health Protection!

5 - The moment you feel powerless to challenge “a general rule”, you are its slave.

4 - The GCSE-Food & Health Protection march may appear too slow in these early days but to ignore it, give up, or halt the march will be a regrettable mistake. Please come and join the march:

3 - While short-sightedness may cause some people to surrender in defeat, great human feats are accomplished through 
foresight and persevering tenacity.

2 - Do not hesitate to share a good idea. Progressive thinkers who hesitate to act rob the world of the positive contributions they can otherwise make.

1 - If you determine to “think outside the box” you must break through all of its confining walls.

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  1. As an addition to #33, No day is wasted when you learn something new.