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Friday, 3 August 2012

Food Production Chain - Strong and Weak Links Identification

What part should the food industry, its food safety protection affiliate and regulators play in strengthening the weak links in the food supply and consumption chain and where does the responsibility end for each of these groups?

What holds true for every chain also applies to the food production chain. Every chain must be dependable. All of its links must be strong. We know too well that this is not the case for the food production chain. There are links that render it weak enough to cause us some concern.

The weak links can be seen in this food production chain diagram provided by the Centers for Disease Control and Prevention. The diagram here has been slightly augmented with additional point descriptions for a total of 11 identified points or links.

Are you able to identify the strong and the weak links in this diagram? Where in the supply and consumption chain do you see your role and how does the aspect you are involved in contribute to the strength of the chain?

Oops! We left out the school/college/university cafeteria. Let's say they are in the same spots as the restaurant or self-serve  buffet.    

Everyone is at least a consumer and personal food preparation or consumption habits contribute to the weakness or strength of the supply and consumption chain. You may follow your criteria for identifying the links except for this small hint: The strength and weakness of the links depend on the points where things are adequately or inadequately regulated and monitored, and where persons are inadequately educated about the risks and best practices.

GCSE-Food & Health Protection is providing the avenue for strengthening the supply chain links. You are invited to Join the effort and the conversation:


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