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Saturday, 10 May 2014

Where the difference is known:

SSQA and Certification Schemes Compared

SSQA is not a certification scheme. It is also not one of those highly publicized, elitist, cost -intensive and highly commercialized food safety management programs that list, and indiscriminately impose, theoretical stipulations. These are sometimes referred to as "standards". If you have used these, you know what I mean. These highly commercialized schemes offer presumed and virtual success that is assessed and certified on the basis of theoretical sets of criteria. Time-consuming and resource-draining paperwork is a hallmark of these schemes. The evaluation of success under these schemes conveniently excludes the assessment of the actual products and the experiences of consumers. In contrast, the SSQA concept provides a low cost  alternative (with no annual certification and re-certification fees, etc.). SSQA is reality-based, effective and highly efficient with its participatory alliance strategies. Its success is assessed on the basis of relevant criteria with emphasis on actual product evaluation and the tracking of all consumer experiences. The success of SSQA is not measured through paper-based certifications.

In an instant, a decision to go the SSQA way can free an operation up to do the right things more consistently.
The difference that SSQA makes is simply remarkable.


With SSQA, the goals are the actual assurance of consumer safety, consumer satisfaction and true business survival; the goal with SSQA is not to merely issue or obtain a "certificate".

SSQA cuts the compliance chains and evokes participatory alliance strategies.


Where wisdom points to favourable prospects, hesitation can lead to lasting regrets:

Would you rather go with Productive Passion or with Wasteful Illusion? 

Download the free comparative Chart

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