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Wednesday, 26 December 2012

From the Chair to All Members and Prospective Members

If you have recently joined this group, I wish to extend a personal welcome to you. If you are yet to join, it only takes a small step with no pressing obligations afterwards and . . . membership is free.

For all of you veteran members, it is only getting better. Please continue to participate to the degree that you are able to contribute and  #inspirefoodsafety. This is a member driven and member led coalition that encourages the industry at large to maintain excellence in protecting the safety and satisfaction of food and health product consumers - we are the consumers. 

There may be doubters outside of the group who are predicting a huge failure for the coalition. The problem with such predictions is the underestimation of what determined individuals are capable of accomplishing.

GCSE-Food & Health Protection is a coalition of well-meaning individuals who are determined to act beyond merely recognizing the need to act. 

The great thing is that members are not pressured or burdened with any compulsion to do things. The actions expected of members are also not excessively demanding with respect to the members’ time, etc. Actions are self-driven and completely voluntary. At the same time, these actions collectively constitute a directed and potent force that will be felt throughout the industry worldwide in due course. Such actions as a member inviting friends and colleagues to join the coalition may appear insignificant to some people. They are by no means insignificant.

There are more opportunities for practical action provided by the coalition. A list of such opportunities is provided here: “Beyond the Rhetoric”.

Please invite others to join the coalition and we look forward to your continuing participation.


Felix Amiri
Chair, GCSE-Food & Health Protection

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