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Saturday, 12 January 2013

Disturbing Arguments

Here are examples of some baffling arguments that are presented to product safety auditors:

“With reference to HACCP Principle 1, if a hazard is not mentioned in a facility’s hazard identification process, the facility does not need to implement measures to control, verify and validate effectiveness of its control”.

“A raw processing operation should not test product or product contact surfaces to assess the presence of such pathogens as Listeria m., E. coli O157:H7, etc. that are typically associated with the raw food because a positive result will trigger demands from the regulatory body for the facility to complete a series of time-consuming and costly corrective actions along with the verification and validation requirements”.

"If the regulations do not mention an item as a risk, a company can ignore (in its implemented controls) any convincing evidence presented anywhere else that the item, consideration or observation is a risk."  

What do you do with these kinds of arguments if you cannot simply ignore them?

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  1. Build a Wikipedia of smart answers to stupid positions?