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Tuesday, 1 January 2013

Invitation and Challenge from GCSE-Food & Health Protection

The GCSE-FHP campaign started in August 2011. It is anticipated it will continue to have positive impact in coming years. You may not be a member yet but you are very much a part of this aspiration.

GCSE-FHP is calling on all stakeholders to take decisive and properly directed action. It is also providing opportunities for real and collaborative action worldwide. Everyone who is serious about protecting consumers of food and health products everywhere is invited to join the action. This is essentially self-protection for each of us irrespective of our present vocation. We are all affected by food and health products whether these are safe or harmful.

It may surprise you to know how little effort is required from you and how non-disruptive to your current engagements it will be for you to be involved in this campaign. We strongly believe that you can play a significant role. For example, you will have contributed immensely to the campaign by simply checking the web site for updates and following the progress in order to keep current with what is happening. This will help you to better introduce the campaign to others within your circle of friends, professional colleagues and acquaintances. The Membership Manual provides additional details about the campaign. The different programs that are introduced from time to time provide the action front. Some of the key programs include:

-       The CFHPE Training Program

-       The Safe, Secure Quality Assurance (SSQA) program

-       The Real Test Action Program (Real-TAP)

-       The Employment Benefit Pact Program (EBP-Program)

-       Et cetera

You can help with the promotion of this campaign by telling your friends, providing postings for inclusion in the blog and similar engagements. This will greatly contribute to expanding the impact of the coalition.

If you are already a member, we look forward to your continuing participation. If you are not already a member, we look forward to your joining us: Membership is free.

Some of the topics posted to the  GCSE-FHP Blog may be of interest to you.

All the best!
GCSE-Food & Health Protection

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