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Friday, 27 December 2013

An Invitation to a Noble Act

Opportunity for Positive Impact  - OPI

Can one human without divine powers change the world? No! But have single individuals contributed to improving human experiences? Yes! 
That's all that can realistically be asked of anyone.

You can demonstrate that you care beyond words 
by simply becoming a member of  GCSE-Food and Health Protection.

Free membership is offered and everyone is invited.
You now have several opportunities and options for participating in the conversation and keeping up with what is happening in the campaign. Please visit the main campaign web site often as it is continuing to be updated.

As part of the global action campaign, GCSE-FPH is committed to facilitating helpful information exchange among members and with the public. This means that every member is free to contribute information and every member is free to use information contributed. 

The open public forums include existing social media:  LinkedIn:

In addition to the open forums, members have the opportunity to request and receive assistance from the GCSE-Food & Health Protection Team:

Some assistance may also be requested from the GCSE-Food and Health Protection Panellists. These are highly knowledgeable and experienced individuals in matters pertaining to food and health protection, food and health product safety, quality management, auditing, training, regulatory requirements, consumer affairs and other areas of expertise. GCSE-Food & Health Protection has enlisted and continues to enlist members who serve as Panellists from around the world.
A member who wishes to be assisted with any technical question or issue pertaining to food and health protection submits a request to the GCSE-FHP Team. The Team contacts the Panellist members who are most suited to provide answers or guidance and the Team coordinates the information exchange.

For details about how this works, you may consult the Membership Guide that is available to registered members.

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