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Saturday, 21 December 2013

Food Safety and Your Reaction:

While unfortunate events like Ebola and MERS outbreaks that threaten our world get much publicity, an everyday reality is sadly ignored. If not more, just as many people in the so-called civilized world are dying of food poisoning events and other risks associated with food

When “food safety” is mentioned, which of these best describes your reaction?

A.         It is of no concern to you.
B.         You’d rather let the food industry and the government worry about it.
C.         You believe the hype is to generate work that provides income for people in that field.
D.         You take it seriously and you are interested in actions to ensure it.
E.         You actually feel directly involved and you take real actions to ensure it.
F.         You are scared to eat commercially processed or prepared food.
G.         You feel there are more serious issues in the world than the safety of food.

H.         Your reaction is a combination of: _____________________________ 

I.         Your reaction is completely something different: _____________________________ 

 "Fatal Indifference" 

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