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Wednesday, 5 December 2012

SSQA and the Pareto Principle

When will your new day begin?

If 80 % of managers were to adopt the SSQA (Safety, Security Quality Assurance) model right from the start, that would be a strange phenomenon. It would be great but unusual. The Pareto Principle is expected to play out as usual. It will be the 20% of managers who show most of the professional drive who will initially venture into SSQA, and never look back. The remaining 80% will continue to wonder how the 20% are able to do things better. They will only wonder and do nothing or continue the chase around the usual cycle of futile efforts. 

The safety, security and quality assurance (SSQA) model holds much promise for forward-looking managers. It has cost reduction as well as efficiency and effectiveness maximizing components.

80% of managers are expected to continue the chase around the usual cycle of futile efforts. They will continue to only reactively put out fires without addressing the root-causes. Only the proactive 20% of managers who dare can expect to stay ahead of the game and maintain sustained progress in the assurance of product safety and quality.

SSQA has defined expectations from a new way of doing things. The same things are done today but mostly the wrong way with confused expectations. SSQA holds much promise but only to those who will dare. There is actually nothing to lose. 

Don't  know much about SSQA? Have no worries!
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