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Wednesday, 30 December 2015

SSQA Consultants and Trainers Events - The next stop could be near you:

If you provide food safety and quality management training services, you could become an SSQA training provider and your organization could serve as a training centre. Did you also know that consultants have the opportunity to receive SSQA enrolment commission?

Consultants and trainers who provide SSQA implementation services or training to their clients, may also submit a brief synopsis of their overall services and related information for FREE LISTING by GCSE-Food and Health Protection as a way of gaining additional exposure. You may contact the SSQA-D Team via the email address below for additional details.

GCSE-Food & Health Protection is planning SSQA program introduction and partner workshop events for Toronto, Montreal, Edmonton and Vancouver. We need a minimum of 50 participants to confirm each location and the number of participants will also determine the size and cost of the venue selected at that location – the more the number, the lower the cost. We are currently gathering the numbers. Please cast your vote for your nearest city by sending an email to the SSQA Team via the address below. The events will be scheduled according to the order in which the cities reach 50 participants or more. 

If you are interested in becoming an SSQA consultant or trainer and wishes to attend the event in any of these cities, please send an email to  indicating the city of your choice. The next stop could be near you. Even if a city near you is not named above, you could suggest one. There may be enough people wishing to attend the event in your suggested city.

You could qualify to receive a free copy of the SSQA implementation manual if:
 5 other participants indicate that you invited them to attend the event at your preferred city.
You suggest a city and invite at least 4 other participants to the event.
You are a food safety consultant or trainer and you help one of your clients to enroll in the SSQA Program.
Contact the GCSE-Food & Health Protection Team for details: 

You may  also contact the 
GCSE-Food & Health Protection (SSQA Development) Team 

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