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Saturday, 3 December 2011

Real Test Action Program (Real-TAP)

The GCSE-FHP has launched phase 1 of Real-TAP. This is a cost minimizing and benefit maximizing program. The program mainly provides help to small to medium companies. These companies typically have limited resources for the development, implementation and maintenance of sound product safety/consumer protection programs in their operations. Phase 1 involves systems setup. Small to medium companies that enlist in the program will be assisted by enlisted consultants to set up their product safety/consumer protection systems. A planned phase 2 is to test the effectiveness of the established systems. Future phases will build on the progress of these initial phases.

Real-TAP is based on the principles of the GCSE-Food & Health Protection SSQA Program: 

Although participation is open to all, the main focus is on small to medium companies. Operations that fall within this category and consultants who are willing to help these companies are invited to enlist. Please contact the GCSE-FHP Team for further details via this Contact Us link:

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