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Saturday, 31 December 2011

GCSE-FHP Systems Management – Safety, Security and Quality Assurance (SSQA) Project

This project introduces the GCSE-FHP model for ensuring effective consumer safety, security and satisfaction. 

The SSQA system has several  Economic Benefits.

What differentiates the GCSE-FHP SSQA system from other approaches?

The GCSE-FHP Safety, Security and Quality Assurance (SSQA) system involves the mobilization and direct collaboration of the entire supply chain that is linked to the participating operation. It actively promotes a chain-wide responsibility and accountability with on-going measurement and tracking of success. There are built-in mechanisms for ensuring friendly scrutiny through the supply chain. Qualified SSQA Facilitators work collaboratively with participating operations. An operation may even have qualified SSQA Facilitators within its workforce.

Unique Aspects: 
There are some non-negotiable obligations in the adoption of the SSQA concept that  ensure the effectiveness and success of established programs. At the same time, participating operations  have enough room to be creative in the implementation of unique, cost effective and practical control measures. 
  • Each participating operation is aided in the implementation of strategies for enlisting and maintaining cooperation and collaboration with joint responsibility and accountability through the entire chain.
  • SSQA criteria for evaluating the effective implementation of control measures/programs are based more heavily on reality.
  • An approach that evaluates sustained consistency is followed in assessing (auditing) the effectiveness and success of established programs. The SSQA model includes the use of qualified and well trained SSQA Facilitators (assessors) for the “internal” and “exchange” assessment programs.
Operations that are able to adopt the SSQA concept early in the development of their product safety and quality management systems find it most beneficial. However, operations that may not have adopted it right from the start are able to easily adapt their systems to SSQA. This is one of the key advantages of the SSQA concept. With the right guidance, SSQA concepts can be readily and productively integrated into existing management systems. While this flexibility is very useful, there is nothing like adopting the system right from the new facility building and/or operation initiation stages.

Who can participate in the SSQA Program?
Any operation anywhere in the world may enlist and participate. There is also no limit to the number of operations that may participate. The process begins with GCSE-FHP membership registration.

Ongoing GCSE-FHP Guidance

The GSCE-FHP Compendium of Guiding Principles is available to enlisted companies upon request with a small donation to the coalition. There is also the direct assistance that may be provided by the GCSE-FHP Team and Panellists if requested.

Full details about the project are available to all enlisted operations. Upon enlisting, the participating operation obtains a copy of the implementation guide and receives the updated version of the GCSE-FHP Compendium of Guiding Principles. Participants may also request the updated versions of the Compendium from time to time.

Interested persons or operations may contact the GCSE-FHP Team to inquire about this project and how to enlist.

You may REGISTER to receive SSQA Updates.

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