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Thursday, 17 May 2012

A Summary of SSQA Facilitator’s Qualifications and Role:

The SSQA Facilitator’s role largely depends on each prospective candidate and his or her on-going participation as a member of GCSE-Food & Health Protection. The SSQA facilitator is generally expected to oversee the development, implementation and maintenance of the integrated SSQA system; and to routinely communicate to relevant personnel all information essential to ensure the continuing effectiveness of the system. 

GCSE-FHP provides the avenue for the SSQA Facilitator’s role to be developed and performed but it does not directly hire persons for it. This is because the SSQA Facilitator role is a freelance or employer designated role that depends on the person assuming that role and the organisation participating in the SSQA project/program. The GCSE-FHP Team provides only requested guidance to both the SSQA Facilitator and organisations participating in the SSQA projects/programs.

Special certification is not required for this role. However, the prospective SSQA Facilitator must have the technical background and training relevant to the type of operation in which the participating organisation is engaged.

Advisable Pre-requisites:
The SSQA Facilitator should be a registered member of GCSE-FHP as this provides a ready source for helpful information that may be useful in carrying out the Facilitator duties. 

A Facilitator should be listed in the SSQA Facilitators Directory to enhance the recognition of prospective employers. The directory does not certify the Facilitator's expertise but it does provide a ready list from which prospective employers may select the person they wish to employ.

A Facilitator is expected to work with an enlisted SSQA project/program participant organisation on the basis of their independent agreement or contract. As a result of deliberately taking only the position of a helpful resource with a hands off stance in directing the affairs of the operations, GCSE-FHP shall not be involved and shall not have any responsibilities or liabilities in the contracts between operations and their Facilitators.

Necessary Qualifications:

The SSQA Facilitator's role can best be performed by technically qualified members of GCSE-FHP who have a very good understanding of the goals and objectives of GCSE-FHP and are actively engaged in the Coalition. 

Each prospective SSQA Facilitator shall have the technical background in the applicable field. This technical background may be acquired from and institution that offers formal education and/or training. In addition to the necessary technical background, it is advisable for the SSQA Facilitator to have a good understanding of the GCSE-FHP Guiding Principles. The Facilitator should also have a working understanding of the SSQA program that may be acquired through GCSE-FHP training sessions or through training provided by GCSE-FHP accredited training centers.

Examples of Qualifying Technical Background:

     Food safety and HACCP
     Food security (availability, sufficiency and equitable distribution)
     Pharmaceutical products safety
     Cosmetic products safety
     Production Management
     Production/Process/ Product Controls
     Product quality management
     Product distribution management
  Product defense (protection of food, pharmaceutical or cosmetic against intentional adulteration or other criminal acts)
     Regulatory Affairs/Compliance
     Environmental protection
     Customer/consumer relations

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