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Saturday, 22 February 2014

Product Safety IQ:

Question 26
If you were to ask a maximum of 3 questions to determine if an operation's food safety and quality assurance system is strong or weak, what would those questions be?

Question 25
A food company cannot demonstrate due diligence unless it has a HACCP Program that is certified by a third party.
A.      True
B.      False

Question 24
Do the  CODEX 12 steps of HACCP implementation address all of the possible causes of food safety failures for a company?
  A. Yes
  B. No
(You may quickly review the 12 Steps of HACCP Implementation)

Question 23
As a food supplier, would you rather have customer confidence or consumer safety?

Question 22
If you have to take only one document from your supplier to court to make a claim, would you take its letter of guarantee or its third party audit certificate?

New Year Food Safety IQ Test Contest Results Announced January 1, 2015:

The SSQA Development Team wishes to thank everyone who submitted an entry. Although no entry had the correct answers to both questions, the Team has decided to award the prize to the first submission with one correct answer. Please join the SSQA Development Team in congratulating Kobe Kobson Motlhatlhedi from Botswana. He will receive a PDF copy of the summarized SSQA Implementation Manual. 

The correct answers
Question 6: All of the listed considerations are identified as important in the World Health Organization’s Rome Declaration on World Food Security of 1996. Therefore “F” is the correct answer. 
Question 14, “A” is the correct answer because product safety and social responsibility are directly connected for each operation.

Question 21 - The New Year Food Safety IQ Test Contest (Now Closed)
Will you be the first to provide the correct answers to questions 6 and 14 in the Food Safety IQ Test? 

Question 20
An auditor issued a HACCP non-conformance to a facility because the food safety manager explained that the company’s risk assessment is not considered finished and will never be considered finished. Is the issued non-conformance justified or not  justified and why? 

Question 19
What evidence should you seek to determine if the management of product safety and quality is pursued as a practical engagement? 

Question 18
What signs show that the management of product safety and quality is pursued as a paper-based discipline by a manager or a company? 

Question 17
Describe the functions of the Codex Alimentarius Commission and Codex Standards

Question 16
Which of these should have a superior control stringency.
  A. Pre-requisite program
  B. CCP
  C. Both

Question 15
If an operation, due to the nature of what it does (e.g. cross-stocking of fully packaged goods), has no direct access that enables it to control the typical hazards associated with the products that it handles, and is not able to implement a full HACCP program because it has no critical control points, should this operation pursue HACCP certification? (Refer also to Question 5) 
  A. Yes
  B. No

Question 14
Product safety and social responsibility are indirectly connected for an operation.
  A. False
  B. True

Question 13
Given the argument that people have natural immunity and can build resistance to pathogens if occasionally exposed to small doses of pathogens, which of these statements do you agree with?
  A.    Food businesses should keep records of supporting scientific studies on file and let small doses of contamination go from time to time
  B.    Regulators, customers and consumers should chill out a bit about food contamination
  C.    Food businesses should ignore those arguments and continue to do everything possible to keep food from being contaminated to any degree
  D.    Medical experts should launch a campaign to educate people that eating food with little contamination from time to time is a good way to increase their resistance to pathogens
  E.    Any combination or none of the above (please specify:__________________________)

Question 12
In maintaining control of an operation, which of these is least manageable?
  A.    Environment
  B.    Pests
  C.    People
  D.    Materials
  E.    Equipment
  F.    Methods

Question 11
The extent to which an operation should consistently maintain its food safety program depends on its size and product distribution scope.
  A. True
  B. False

Question 10
From this list, which is the most likely reason for expanding the scope of products affected by a recall?
 A.   Counting error by the regulatory agency
 B.   The first complaining customer did not identify all affected pack sizes
 C.   Poor lot traceability record-keeping by the manufacturer
 D.   Change of an implicated raw material supplier
 E.   Unacceptable sanitation inspection findings some weeks following the first recall notice

Question 9
Could a food business be held legally liable if a test of its food product by a regulatory body showed the presence of a toxic substance for which the regulatory body had not established tolerance levels?
A.      No
B.      Yes

Question 8
Select the word pair that best completes this phrase: The primary goal of a food safety system is to ensure: ____________ _____________
A.    business survival
B.    employee awareness
C.    consumer protection
D.    audit pass
E.    customer approval
F.  brand protection

Question 7
Past good performance in third party food safety audits by a company reduces the company’s liability and/or conviction in court if the company’s product causes fatality due to the company’s fault.
A.      True
B.      False

Question 6
According to the World Health Organization / Food and Agricultural Organization Codex Alimentarius (Food Code), which of these is NOT an important consideration? (Rome Declaration on World Food Security of 1996)
A.    Safety
B.    Quality
C.   Nutrient content
D.   Availability
E.    Affordability
F.    All of the above
G.   None of the above

Question 5
An operation is able to proceed successfully without following any HACCP principle if the operation only handles prepackaged and refrigerated food items with no exposed product handling activities.
A.      True
B.      False

Question 4
Which of these statements about recalls is the LEAST acceptable to a food business?
A.    We have an effective traceability and recall program that is regularly tested for effectiveness.
B.    Every failed product is prevented from entering the market.
C.    Every failed product is immediately withdrawn from the market.
D.    Customer complaints are addressed as critical concerns for our business.  

Question 3
Which of these would be the first thing to do one week prior to a scheduled external audit?
A. Review the non-conformances from the same audit last year.
B. Continue as usual with all routine product safety, quality management and system control programs.
C. Complete all outstanding training records.
D. A cleaning spree that covers all overheads and all other areas that are not frequently cleaned.

Question 2
Concerning an effective product safety management program, which of these statements is the most correct?
A. It must be systematic, active, and developed by an outside expert.
B. It must be systematic, active, and customized to address all unique situations that could lead to problems.
C. It must be systematic, active, and audited by a third party.
D. All of the above

Question 1
Which of these do you see as an inseparable pair?
A. Product safety and Customer Satisfaction
B. Customer Satisfaction and External Certification
C. External Certification and Product Safety
D. All are inseparable

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 Posted By Felix Amiri
Felix Amiri is the current Food Sector Chair of GCSE-Food & Health Protection


  1. Tatyana Filiukova15 March 2014 at 12:11

    Quest.1- A, 2-C, 3-A, 4-D,5-B,6-E,7-B,8-C,9-B,10-C,11-B, 12-C,13-C

  2. Quest.1-A,2-C,3-B,4-C,5-B,6-E,7-B,8-C,9-B,10-C,11-B,12-D,13-C,14-B,15-B

  3. 1-D, 2-B, 3-A, 4-C, 5-B, 6-E, 7-B, 8-C, 9-B, 10-C, 11-B, 12-C, 13-C, 14-B, 15-A, 16-B