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Friday, 25 November 2011

The GCSE-FHP Employment Benefit Pact Program (EBP-Program)

GCSE-FHP has launched its EBP-program and it may be of interest to you. It is a worldwide program with local participation opportunities. The aim is to address the usual conflicting employment situations of: “no experience no work” but “no work, no experience”. The program is based on the participants’ willingness to make little sacrifices with definite benefits.

GCSE-FHP recognizes that some prospective employees who are excellent workers find it difficult to find employment because they have little or no work experience. These are usually but not exclusively new college or university graduates. On the other hand, employers generally prefer individuals with experience and, by insisting on finding people with experience, may be missing out on engaging prospective hard workers who are very innovative and productive.

The GCSE-FHP EBP-program bridges the gap. The program helps entry level employees find employment from which to gain experience. At the same time, it helps employers find entry level employees who are willing to accept the opportunity to gain experience as part of their remuneration. This provides obvious benefits of participation for both the employers and prospective employees.

To participate in this program, interested organizations and prospective employees may register to be contacted by the GCSE-FHP Team about available opportunities. Interested parties may chose to have their contact information and other details posted by GCSE-FHP (e.g. job descriptions, resumes, etc). A small administrative fee may apply depending on the organization’s or individual’s GCSE-FHP membership status. If you are interested in participating in this program as a prospective employer or employee, you may contact the GCSE-FHP Team for further details via this Contact Us link:

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