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Monday, 2 July 2012

Cost of Quality - Simple Calculation Chart

Free Download Termination Notice:
With the release of the SSQA Implementation Manual, we regret to say that the free download of the following tools has ended:
  • The Quality Cost Calculation Chart
  • Paperwork Reduction Guide
  • Detailed Procedure Writing Guide
  • Paperwork Importance Determination Scale (MUD Scale)
  • Partner Prioritization Chart
  • Change Management Control and Tracking Chart
  • Operation Function and Department Organization Guide; etc. 
These tools and updates will now be available only to enrolled SSQA Participants. Information about enrolling in the SSQA Program is provided on the Program Enrolment page.

It is always a good thing to stop once in a while to take stock. This also applies to operations that are working hard to establish and maintain effective product safety and quality management systems. Taking stock of how much is spent and how much is gained in return is an essential activity for any business. It provides the picture that guides an operation to more efficiently allocate and utilize its resources. 

The simple calculation chart that is currently provided with the SSQA program serves as a minimum starting point in quality system management ROI determinations. Business owners, quality systems managers, etc. may find it helpful. It can be used to determine how much is spent, what system effectiveness is derived in return, what expenses can be dropped without affecting effectiveness, etc.

It is possible that you already have a tool for determining investment expenses and the returns they generate. The simple calculation chart provided with the SSQA program includes a cost trend graph. A Paperwork Reduction Guide and other tools are also provided with the SSQA program.

It is the aim of Global Coalition for Sustained Excellence in Food & Health Protection (GCSE-FHP)  to provide these kinds of assistance and drive initiatives that are beneficial to the food and health industry.  Membership in the Coalition is free and open to anyone and any organization.
 You may JOIN the coalition and participate in its voluntary projects and programs.

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