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Friday, 28 June 2013

Quips about Product Quality and Safety:

  1. According to Joseph Juran, quality means “fitness for use”
  2. According to Philip Crosby, quality means “conformance to requirements.”
  3. “Low quality does not necessarily mean bad quality.” – Felix Amiri
  4. "With product quality, 'low' describes a ranking while 'bad' invariably means unacceptability" - Felix Amiri
  5. “Product quality is mostly perceived and sometimes experienced; but product safety is experienced, else it is an unfounded perception.” – Felix Amiri
  6. “Quality is subject to personal opinion that can be changed; safety is subject to personal susceptibility that cannot be changed.” – Felix Amiri
  7. “A product found to be unsafe is automatically, universally and correctly perceived to have unacceptable quality.” – Felix Amiri
  8. "One hundred percent  (100%) assessment of products for quality and safety takes place at the point of consumption or use" - Felix Amiri
  9. "The results of the most crucial and complete assessment of products for quality and safety, with or without objective conclusions, are not always published but inevitably and decisively acted upon." - Felix Amiri
  10. "A poor quality food may cause little more than a disruption of consumers’ enjoyment and disrupts no deeper than the emotional enjoyment; but an unsafe food product disrupts consumers’ health and life up to the point of even causing death." - Felix Amiri
  11. "We are required and morally obligated to insure our product is safe for consumer use." - Gary Crittenden
  12. "The main motive of a food company should be to take care of the health of their customers or consumers and keep them happy by providing foods with safe and good quality foods.If they are successful in both aspects, they get more business without advertisements and marketing. " - Pragash RAMADOSS  
  13. "The success of a food safety system is not based on how good people feel about it; but on how well (healthy) people remain upon consuming the resulting products." – Felix Amiri
  14. "The true measure of a product quality control system is not the audit report; it is the experience and satisfaction of the people using the resulting product." – Felix Amiri

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