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Saturday, 17 August 2013

Reaching out to Students Everywhere

Students in food and health related programs are specially invited to join this group. We are reaching out to you because you are the future guardians of these industry sectors. You can start now to build the kind of industry that you wish to inherit and lead in the future.

Some reasons for joining the group are obvious such as the discussion forum that it provides. Other reasons are not so obvious but very important. Interaction within the group is expected to lead to various prospects. Even while pursuing your studies, interaction within the group may be useful as opportunities for testing or challenging some of the theories that you are studying. Besides, some of the group discussion topics could be starting points,  or they could  form the basis for generating ideas for research papers or projects.

You are probably already aware that the industry is encountering a host of problems. While the old guard tends to recycle stale solutions, the industry looks to you for innovative and current solutions for current situations. This group discusses current problems and solutions and fresh ideas are always welcome.

Please join and participate in the group to the extent that you can. Also, invite your colleagues to join.
You can find out more about what the GCSE-Food & Health Protection coalition is about and what it is offering by visiting the website: and visit the GCSE-FHP blog posts:

You may join the Linked-In discussions at: GCSE-Food-Health-Protection-Linked-In Group

You may also add your voice to the major international forum: Coalition Membership is free.

You may volunteer as a Student Representative at your institution. If you wish to do so, please contact the GCSE-Food & Health Protection Team directly via email:

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