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Tuesday, 3 June 2014

HACCP – Not a Matter of Opinion

With HACCP, ignorance is not bliss. It can be extremely dangerous for the consumer and your business.
HACCP is the life-line for any food operation.

The application of the HACCP concept may be complex in instances of complex food operations but developing and implementing HACCP is not a confusing adventure. I find it strange that something as scientific and methodical as HACCP is reduced to a matter of opinion in several discussions that I have followed.

HACCP and CCPs are not matters of opinion. A HACCP development process and the determination of CCPs are bound to fail where personal opinions are allowed to interfere with the scientific and systematic process. A veritable industry claim is that a well developed HACCP process leads to the correct (valid) determinations and control measures.

HACCP is not even a matter of snap-shot certification audits. Reliable help is available for any food business that is serious about developing and implementing HACCP beyond the typical “compliance” level. If not among the internal personnel, help is available through consultants or consulting agencies. In selecting a consultant (internal or external) the business needs to keep in mind the caution described in the post:

Once the discussion of HACCP slips into the “compliance mentality", confusion becomes inevitable and nobody wins the argument. The focus must always be on the real intent, valid process and the ultimate effectiveness of HACCP that must also be verifiable and demonstrable; not merely imagined, claimed or certified. The HACCP concept does not derive its validity from loudly spoken declarations about its certification; but from its effective implementation.

HACCP needs to be Reality-Driven: Learn about the DMS-HACCP and HACCP-DIVE concepts in the SSQA Implementation Manual 

Posted By Felix Amiri

Felix Amiri is the current Food Sector Chair of GCSE-Food & Health Protection

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