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Thursday, 11 June 2015

Escape from the Strangle-Sphere

Lamentable is the strangulation and suffocation of the food industry buried under piles of paperwork. This appears to be self-imposed and driven by the fear that doing away with the burden may drive customers away.

Some companies may not be suffering from the strangle-hold. This may be due to a disconnect from reality. If you have not or do not feel the effect of the strangle-sphere, check with your food safety and quality staff. They will confirm for you what is actually happening. You should also read: Taming the Food Safety and Quality Systems Management Monster. Every actively engaged staff or company in the food industry feels the strangle-hold from one direction or another. On the other hand, establishments that are not properly engaged, or simply engaged in make-work food safety programs, are only riding the wave of pseudo-food safety success.

SSQA is a chain-breaker and transports the truly engaged establishment to new worlds far beyond the strangle-sphere.

Simply Electrifying

Posted By Felix Amiri
Felix Amiri is the current Food Sector Chair of GCSE-Food & Health Protection

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