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Wednesday, 22 November 2017

Temperature of Food Safety Management

From the posted comments under the poll to take the “. . . Temperature of Food Safety Management”, the concerns listed below emerged. Although the list is sad to see, it is encouraging to know that the SSQA concept already suggests a reasonable solution for every one of the listed concerns. Since many of my posts in this blog drew inspiration from SSQA principles, I have prepared a simple table to show the identified concern and the post addressing it. In many of the posts, I attempted to do what the SSQA Implementation Manual does better. It identifies the issue and suggests a practical solution strategy.
Clearly, with so much else keeping us busy, it may not be possible to read all of the associated posts in one sitting. This "concerns and suggestions" list will remain posted. You may bookmark it and return to read more:
Listed Concern
Related Blog Post  (with Suggestions)

Distracting & ineffective generic training

Profit-driven 3rd-party audits and certification

Lack of commitment

Emerging hazards

Poor program implementation

Superficial compliance

Food fraud (Deliberate poor practices)

Quackery or Charlatan Consultants

Lack of culture of compliance

On the contrary:

Lack of commitment through the chain of custody

Lack of concern towards health of consumer

Lack of consumer awareness

Same as above

Lack of regulatory knowledge

Political interference

Poor Regulatory Enforcement

Lack of food safety culture

Paper-work burden

 Posted by Felix Amiri
Felix Amiri is currently the chair of GCSE-Food & Health Protection, and a sworn SSQA advocate. 

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