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Friday, 2 March 2012

Contribute to the Growing Compendium and Be Recognized

The first volume of the GCSE-Food & Health Protection Compendium of Guiding Principles has been available for some time now. However, this is being continuously updated and contributions are needed from industry professionals and experts. You are invited to freely share your “words” of professional wisdom. If approved, your contribution will be published in the Compendium. This is a continuing opportunity because the Compendium will continue to be updated from time to time.

The guiding principles are short bits of advice that are helpful to industry operators, managers, consultants and evaluators. The names of contributors are listed alphabetically (by Last Name/Surname) in the acknowledgment section of the Compendium.

Contributions are to be unique, useful and easy to adopt by the industry. The scope covers a wide range of subjects that align with the scope of the GCSE-FHP goals and objectives. All submissions are subject to approval before they are included in the Compendium. Contributors with up to 5 or more approved entries will receive access to download a current copy of the Compendium. Depending on the number of contributions, contributors may also receive additional recognition and GCSE-FHP membership benefits.

Please send your submissions to:  with at least the following information:

1.     Full Name
2.     Membership certificate number (only contributions from members of GCSE-FHP are being accepted at this time)
3.     Name of current company or organization
4.     Country
5.     Email Address
6.     Your suggested guiding principle (brief advice)

You may submit as many guiding principles as you wish.

Ideas for submissions:

Contributed principles are to be unique, brief, useful and easy to adopt by industry operators and evaluators. The scope covers the same considerations as are outlined in the goals and objectives of GCSE-FHP:

–      protecting public health
–      promoting regulatory compliance
–      producing sufficient and safe food, pharmaceuticals and other health-related products
–      keeping food fresh
–      avoiding wastage
–      ensuring equitable and efficient distribution
–      encouraging social responsibility
–      maintaining environmental sustainability

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