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Thursday, 26 September 2013

Join the SSQA Development (SSQA-D) Community – "the SQUAD"

Safety, Security & Quality Assurance (SSQA) Development Participation Opportunities:
  • SSQA provides the opportunity for food businesses to step into a brighter cost-saving future.
  • SSQA enrollment commission is continuing to be offered to food industry consultants and trainers. 
  • Individuals who know what SSQA is about are invited to join the presentation crew on tour to selected presentation locations. 
If you are interested in any of these participation opportunities, please contact the GCSE-FHP Team for further details.

Would you like to receive information about the SSQA concept, philosophy,
strategy, program and training opportunities? Would you like to learn the 6 steps to the adoption of SSQA? You May Subscribe to SSQA Information Updates.

SSQA Facilitators are needed by all food businesses:

If you are between jobs, becoming familiar with the SSQA concept and program may provide several opportunities for long-term engagements.

If you are a consultant or industry trainer wishing to expand the scope of your services, the SSQA program provides a solid base for various kinds of services that you could offer to your current and future clients.

Anyone who is seriously considering a career in product safety and quality management is invited to learn how to apply the SSQA concept and practical provisions in current or future system management engagements.

Companies interested in going beyond compliance will benefit from the adoption of the SSQA concept in their operations.

SSQA takes you off the fire fighting loop.

If you wish to receive updates about the SSQA concept and programs you may: REGISTER 
visit the Updates Page

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