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Wednesday, 8 January 2014

My Encouragement to You

Dear partner in food protection,

I am taking this opportunity to wish you all the best in your endeavors. I also wish to let you know that GCSE-Food & Health Protection has grown considerably in membership. Further accelerated growth is anticipated. From all indications, the coalition’s promise of maintaining relevance worldwide is already being fulfilled. So many opportunities have been and are continuing to be provided for the participation of individuals like you both for your personal benefit and for the benefit of society.

If you have not already added your voice to this coalition, I invite you to join and contribute as much as you wish, and as time permits. You should not let concerns about not having the time prevent you from joining. There are no mandatory and time-constrained demands. By joining the coalition you would already have made a very significant contribution. Inviting even one other person to join is another very valuable contribution that you could make. Please join in spreading the message. We are the consumers that we seek to protect.

In spite of administrative cost pressures and the examples of other groups that charge fees for membership, GCSE-Food & Health Protection is maintaining its resolve not to charge membership fees or dues. It intends to continue with funding its programs through voluntary donations.

The number of countries with members has grown considerably and National Coordinators are still needed for several countries. If you are interested, or you know anyone who may be interested in helping as a National Coordinator in your country please contact the GCSE-FHP Team via email: If you wish, you may view the qualifications and roles of a National Coordinator.

Here are other coalition information links that may be of interest:

Please join me in spreading the message and inviting people to join the coalition. We need to earnestly and collaboratively tackle the various challenges facing our world: food-borne illness outbreaks, fraud, drug-related health problems, product recalls, product wastage and shortages are just a few of the challenges.

If you are already a member, I very much appreciate your membership and I encourage you to actively participate in any of the forums and programs via the links provided above. If you are not yet a member, I am personally looking forward to seeing you join the coalition.


Felix Amiri

Food Sector Chair, GCSE-FHP

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