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Friday, 17 October 2014

One Good Turn

Spreading the SSQA Dawn and Favour to ALL:

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The GCSE-Food and Health Protection SSQA Development Team is strategically offering reduced price copies to selected individuals and companies. Some of the ways to qualify for these offers are listed below:

The social media "LIKE" Challenge Offer:
Check the web with the phrase "GCSE-FHP SSQA concept", write a post about why you like the SSQA concept that obtains at least 20 likes on LinkedIn, Twitter, Facebook or any other social media, send the link or other proof to show the number of likes (minimum 20) that you have received to and request your free searchable PDF (single copy) of the current SSQA Implementation Manual. Unless extended, this offer ends on May 31, 2017 

Congratulations to Chi Samuel, winner at the 111,111 winning sequence point !!!
The next winning Sequence: 222,222
Watch the top right corner of the blog page for the winning numbers that will be shown from time to time. When you see a winning number, take a screen shot of the page and post it on LinkedIn, Twitter or send it to GCSE-Food and Health Protection at - gcse@afisservices.comThe first person to post or send the screen shot will win a free PDF copy of the SSQA Implementation Manual 

AFISS Offer:
You may take advantage of this offer and receive your free PDF copy of the current SSQA Implementation Manual if you are willing to work with AFISS on the development and implementation of SSQA concepts in your operation. If you are interested, go to “AFISS Offer Details”:

One Year Free Online Access Offer:
If you are a food safety and/or quality manager in a company that has turned a new leaf, the SSQA Development Team is offering to grant you free access to the online SSQA Implementation Manual for one year. Evidence of what your company is currently doing with internal audits, external party audits and regulatory inspections is required. You will receive the free access only if the SSQA Development Team determines that your approach to internal/external audits and regulatory inspections aligns with the principles of the GCSE-Food and Health Protection SSQA concept. This offer is currently open but a time limitation may be applied depending on the number of requests. If interested, you may contact the SSQA Development Team for details.

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