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Wednesday, 28 January 2015

SFCRs & FSMAs Coming into Force

FSMA Public Meeting: Focus on Implementation Strategy for Prevention-Oriented Food Safety Standards
April 23 & 24, 2015

FSMA - Key Dates Presentation - Download PDF Copy  

SFCA enforcement draws near for Canadian operations:
Download the Presentation by Colleen Barnes, Executive Director, Food Regulatory Modernization, CFIA, to the Canadian Meat Council (CMC) on May 8, 2014  

Where does your establishment fall?

The table illustrates the coming into force of the SFCA by the different levels of readiness between industries that are:

Fresh Fruit and Vegetable
2015 (June)
2015 (June)
2016 (June)
2015 (June)
2016 (June)
2017 (June)
       Minimal changes for industry
       Do not have substantive food safety provisions
       FDA applies
       FDA still applies
       Licensing first enables compliance promotion

Find out more about the Proposed Canadian Regulations

You may also read the ARCHIVED-Discussion Paper on the Integrated Agency Inspection Model (iAIM) on which the Improved Food Inspection Model (Final Model) is based.

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