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Saturday, 17 January 2015

The Right Metrics and Assessment of FSQA, FSQMS or FSMS Success

FSQA = Food Safety and Quality Assurance
FSQMS = Food Safety and Quality Management System
FSMS = Food Safety Management System

How do you know if you are looking at the right metrics in your company’s management of its FSQMS or FSMS?

When a food safety battle is won, how do you know? What information, data or reality confirms this for you?

Have you measured the success rates before and after?

You may be seeing one or more of the following achievements as evidence of success. The system adopted and managed by your company has led to, and is maintaining:
  1. Consistently high external audit scores in 5 or more years
  2. A decreasing number of food safety or quality incidents due to employee negligence or disregard 
  3. A steady reduction in failure incidents
  4. A steady reduction in the number of customer complaints 
  5. Zero customer complaints in 2 or more years (not the "zero" from not diligently checking and tracking complaints and their causes)  
  6. A steady increase in positive consumer feedback
  7. A decreasing cost of system management
  8. A steady increase in system management work-load efficiency
  9. A decreasing need for enforced motivation by outside parties 
  10. No market recalls

·     Which of the above is (or are) true for your company with verifiable data and trend analysis?
·     For which of them is your assessment of success simply a guess or based on paper reports?
·     If you are one of the managers, to which of these are you most proud to have made some contributions and why?
·     Are there any that you have not measured and/or achieved?
·     How do the ones you happen to have achieved and not achieved relate?

Cut the chains, implement SSQA and properly assess your success.
SSQA  (Safety, Security and Quality Assurance) provides an escape from the confusion & stress of unattainable moving targets imposed by parties that do not know anything about your company’s unique situations. 

You can start by reading: "Adopting the GCSE-Food & Health Protection SSQA"

Posted By Felix Amiri

Felix Amiri is the current Food Sector Chair of GCSE-Food & Health Protection

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