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Tuesday, 13 January 2015

Fast and Furious Recalls Amid Increasing Complexity of Food Safety Assurance Measures

In spite of the growing complexity of industry management strategies, stricter regulations and more comprehensive assessment standards, recalls are coming fast and furious. Where are things going wrong? 

Here is a sampling of notices that I received in one day:

01/10/2015 07:58 PM EST

01/09/2015 10:11 PM EST

01/09/2015 10:23 PM EST

01/09/2015 09:48 PM EST

01/09/2015 07:11 PM EST

01/09/2015 07:20 PM EST

 Sour Cream Lemon Pies
01/09/2015 03:12 PM EST
Posted By Felix Amiri
Felix Amiri is the current Food Sector Chair of GCSE-Food & Health Protection

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