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Friday, 17 April 2015

Ready or Not!

You must do something. With the expanding compulsion to have third party certifications and the widening net of regulatory requirements around the world, some companies may suddenly reach a break point. Prepared or unprepared, companies are going to be drawn in divergent directions. The task of simultaneously keeping up with third party certification programs and regulatory inspection obligations will get increasingly daunting. Attending several general information seminars may not solve the problem. Some may, in fact, increase the confusion.

If you own or work for a food company that has wider than a local market, here are some questions for you:

If your company is certified by a third party, how seamlessly do you think you can meet the requirements of the third party certification and those of the emerging regulations like FSMA, SFCA, and other international regulatory requirements? In other words, how many requirements of FSMA, SFCA and the like are covered under your third party certification program?

Can a company have a single program with one approach to both the certification audits and regulatory inspections without needing do what a theater does when the scenes in a play change?

Will more document jugglers be needed as FSMA, SFCA, etc. come into force since the third party schemes and regulatory inspections require peculiar supporting documentation? What will this do to the effective management of implemented food safety and quality procedures on the production floor?

Is relief in sight for already scurrying product safety and quality managers? I think so, but not from many of the proposals that are currently offered in the marketplace. Too many of the proposed solutions are steeped in the very way of thinking that is creating the problem in the first place. Do you wish to know the direction that the industry should be taking? 
Posted By Felix Amiri
Felix Amiri is the current Food Sector Chair of GCSE-Food & Health Protection

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