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Tuesday, 21 April 2015

Operation Improvement Beyond Mundane

Just when you think you have mastered all of the terminologies used in operation improvement circles, you are hit with these seemingly strange ones. They are so outlandish they could drive you crazy or you may think that the person who has coined them is.Never mind the apparent strangeness and focus on the mental stimulation that they provide.

We sometimes need to think beyond the mundane. If you can tell the difference between “PROCESSIFYING” and “PROCESSORIZING”, you are an operation improvement STAR. Better still, if you can explain how to harness the concepts they represent in an operation, you will be a hero within the industry. I strongly suspect that these are new words to you but go ahead and give it a try. What do you think is the difference between these terms? What ideas do they convey to you about operation improvement? If you own, manage or simply work in a food business but you cannot figure out the meaning or significance of these terms, you need to learn about and adopt the SSQA Concept. The first step in the adoption of SSQA takes less than 60 seconds: Enrol and obtain the SSQA Implementation Manual.

If you are really dying to know the difference, let me know in the comments section:
Posted by Felix Amiri
Felix Amiri is currently the chair of GCSE-Food & Health Protection, and a sworn SSQA advocate.

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