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Saturday, 18 July 2015

The Wool-Over Eyes Game

Who do you think has the upper hand in the wool-over-eyes game?

Where this game is played, some food operators think they are pulling the wool over the eyes of auditors when they hide things that do not, and I quote: “comply”. Meanwhile, the auditors are making the operators pay for paper certificates while they (the operators) are saddled with the work of ensuring the safety of their products as well as the survival and growth of their businesses. So, who has the upper hand in the wool-over-eyes game that has become  endemic as part of the Standardized Industry Mistake?

Many victims of the paper certificates deception or those who have become addicted to seeking these certificates, believe they would lose customers if they do not have such certificates to, and I quote another popular phrase: "prove compliance". A large number of unquestioning passengers are still boarding the deception-train, confined in the tunnel and are being made to believe in fanciful schemes until sad realities hit. They soon realize that they can still lose customers even with their paper certificates. They are yet to learn from real experiences: Peanut Corporation of AmericaJensen FarmSunland Inc. The list goes on.
Meanwhile, outside of the tunnel, the SSQA  concept exposes the usual fallacies and creates an environment where tunnel games are passionately and successfully avoided.
Posted by Felix Amiri
Felix Amiri is currently the chair of GCSE-Food & Health Protection, and a sworn SSQA advocate.

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