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Tuesday, 21 May 2013

Are More People in High Places Catching the Passion?

The article published on The Packer website shares some great news. People in high places are promoting collaboration within the industry, and between industry and other stakeholders. As you may have gathered, this kind of collaboration is the passion of GCSE-Food & Health Protection. These highly placed advocates of collaboration seem to be catching the same passion. Why not! Guarding our collective sanity and safety is crucial.

We need people in high places to care enough. I don’t just mean caring about the bottom line; I mean truly caring about the social legacy.

At some point, we have to face up to the insanity of simply throwing money at the problems by paying huge costs for recalls and outbreaks. 
We can only hope that the recognized need for collaboration as reported will go as far as the GCSE-FHP proposes – i.e. with the elimination of the universally punitive nature of past and proposed regulations, as well as the adoption of the terms of the GCSE-Food & Health Protection Motion . You may VOTE ON THE MOTION

Reference:  The Packer Article.

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