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Wednesday, 29 May 2013

The Drummers’ Competition – A Lesson for the Industry

The drummers’ competition is a mutually beneficial kind. The competitors genuinely spur one another to higher levels of prowess. In my younger days at the village, we had such completions. Being practically impossible with enemies, it was a competition among friends.

The competition went like this: A drummer would strike a unique beat and the others would repeat the beat exactly. The challenge level was raised and a more complex beat was struck. The other drummers would strike it exactly. The competition soon reached a point where the more novice drummers were unable to repeat a beat exactly. Those who could not repeat the beat did not become despondent. Rather, as friends, the drummers would laugh with and encourage the more novice drummers. These novice drummers would memorize the sound of the beat. They would practice the beat until they gained prowess in preparation for the next show-off time. They even learned additional show-off beats just to gain the respect of the other drummers the next time around.

The show-off was one thing but the real benefits of the friendly completion came together at the celebrations when the drumming prowess was enjoyed by all – drummers and spectators.

Only friends can compete and celebrate as part of their normal interactions. Can or do food and health product businesses embrace this kind of mutually beneficial competition with real celebrations?

An avenue for mutually beneficial competition is provided through the GCSE-Food & HealthProtection SSQA Concept. If you are a current or prospective business owner; if you are a product safety and quality manager or professional; if you wish to qualify as an SSQA Facilitator; you are invited to read "Adopting SSQA"

 Posted By Felix Amiri
Felix Amiri is the current Food Sector Chair of GCSE-Food & Health Protection

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