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Thursday, 2 May 2013

Soaring Passion

Are you passionate about product safety and quality assurance, and are you on board?
Participation in GCSE-Food & Health Protection helps to expand your product safety and quality management acumen;  establish your credibility; demonstrate your commitment and effectiveness; guarantee your salary increase.

Sharing your thoughts with members of the Coalition helps you to articulate your passion and work aspirations. 

Potential employers, clients, organizations, etc. will notice.

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At the Calgary airport, on my way back to Toronto, I observed something that demonstrated what a band of passionate individuals could do for the large plane called the food industry. As I watched a large Boeing 737 plane that was pushed from the gate by a small pushback tug, I saw a picture of what you and I could do for the industry if we are passionate enough. The size and speed capability of the pushback tug do not come close to those of the large plane that it pushed to set it off on flight 449 to Victoria, British Columbia.

One difference exists. Unlike the pushback tug, the job of passionate individuals is never done. They almost naturally become the engines that fire full throttle to propel the large industry plane on its flight to greater heights.

The kind of passion needed in the industry must be properly directed and sustained. The driving motivation goes beyond the simple notion of having a job and making money. It even goes beyond the drive for professional or company status. The kind of passion needed is that which reflects a keen sense of integrity, moral obligation and social responsibility. A person with this kind of passion remains determined to leave a positive and lasting legacy. With this kind of passion, the goal is intently focused on the outcomes that benefit the consumers in the key aspects of product performance expectations: Safety, Quality, Usefulness, Availability and Affordability.

The industry must be propelled to higher altitudes far beyond the clouds of product safety or quality disasters. Are you on board?

Instant Interviews for (Passionate) Prospective Employees and Employers

If you are a prospective product safety and quality employee, you could start your interview process with multiple employers who may be checking. Also, if you do not already know about the GCSE-Food & Health Protection Employment Benefit Program (EBP), you may take advantage of it.

GCSE-FHP is driving good employment for innovative and productive thinkers in the food and health industry. The GCSE-FHP forums provide you with the opportunity to share your passion as a prospective employee who is passionate about product safety and quality. Potential employers reading your posts will take note. I personally know that my posts have drawn some private inquiries about possible job openings. For instance, providing well thought out comments that demonstrate your passion for product safety and quality under this post is likely to give some insights to prospective employers who may be reading the comments. Consistently meaningful comments are likely to draw a wider readership and, therefore, an expanded prospect of being contacted for further interviews.

You've got the paint and the brush. Paint your indelible mark!

Share your thoughts! You will not regret it. If nothing else, sharing your thoughts may help you to better articulate your passion and work aspirations. In doing so, you will be better prepared for future interviews. Reading and responding to what others share is also quite helpful.

Please join the band of passionate individuals. Join GCSE-Food & Health Protection Conversation and soar in the emerging era of productive collaboration. Together we must do everything we can to ensure our protection and satisfaction as consumers: This is the DAWN OF A NEW ERA.

Posted by Felix Amiri
Felix Amiri is currently the chair of GCSE-Food & Health Protection, and a sworn SSQA advocate. 

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