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Friday, 18 October 2013

The “Doing Just Fine, Thank You” Operator:

If you are doing just fine, let the reality prove it and let a knowledgeable assessor determine that fact. 

You may be perfectly happy with what you are doing right now but have you checked to see if you can do better? 

             You should not be like this guy >>>>

Satisfaction with "how things have always been done" is seldom an enlightened stance. It is often the stance of those who have yielded to perpetual incompetence.

An operation may appear to be running fine on the surface and the owner/manager may choose to argue that "the operation is running fine, thank you”. This person may ignore the signs of possible failure, especially where such signs are not addressed by the generic audit scheme used for assessing the effectiveness and reliability of implemented programs and control measures. Where certificates of "compliance" are issued to augment the bragging rights of the "Doing Just Fine " operator, the signs of failure may even become further obscured by the ensuing celebrations.

This is what the "just comply and be certified" economy does to the human mind. If, by simply following a set of rules, a certificate is earned that gives the compliance-focused operator bragging rights, the operator is lulled into resting satisfied. He or she no longer feels the need to solve real problems that require "too much thinking". Compliance-focused systems lead compliance-focused operators to neglect their responsibility to think.

Until an operation actually suffers a cataclysmic failure, obvious signs may be blatantly ignored but not during or after such failures. The “Doing Just Fine " operator who refuses to learn from reasonable predictions often learns the hard way that mere compliance may, in fact, be dangerous.

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Posted By Felix Amiri
Felix Amiri is the current Food Industry Chair of GCSE-Food & Health Protection

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