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Wednesday, 30 October 2013

Organizing for Product Safety and Quality Management Success

How a company is organized has a significant part in the success of different aspects of the business. The roles and responsibilities assigned to departments and personnel (the blocks) contribute to the success or failure of the product safety and quality management. A proper organization for success eliminates gaps in the overall considerations and management of the company.

The SSQA concept covers the following sampling of assigned departmental responsibilities. This list outlines the roles which may be assigned to the different departments that come under four major functions (not shown). The list also does not include specific tasks which may be assigned to individual employees in the different departments. The SSQA Manual has further details about organizing at both the levels above and below the departmental roles.

Some responsibilities may be jointly coordinated among different departments and specific departments may be organized differently by different operations. Considering all of the elements to be covered for a successful food or health product safety and quality management, how does your current business or a business that you know compare against the SSQA example under the following considerations?

  1. What is listed in this example that your business already covers or does not cover?
  2. What does your business cover that is not listed in this example?
  3. What do you conclude about the relevance of any missing elements either way?

A Sample (partial) List of SSQA Responsibilities
for a Food or Health Product Operation

These are not in any recommended order but they are important considerations in assigning assigned responsibilities for a successful operation of a food company.

SSQA Sample
What does your setup look like?
Management Board (or Board of Directors)
Business Planning and Development
Public Relations
Business Ethics, Moral Obligation & Social Responsibility
Organizational Structure, Responsibilities & Management Commitment (Food Safety and Quality Policy)
"Suggestion Box" Communication, Operations Review and Continuous Improvement Program
Control of Documents and Records
Crises Management Program and Business Continuity Plan
Sanitation and Housekeeping
Personnel and Visitors Access & Movement Control
Personal Hygiene and Welfare
Product Packaging, Labels and Product Labelling Controls
Corrective and Preventive Action
Facility Security and Product Defense
Waste Management & Disposal
Good Manufacturing Practices
Chemical Control
Process Flow Design
Product Design/Development
Finished Product Specifications
Product Safety Plan (HACCP) & Quality Management  Program
Control of Contracted Product Manufacturing
Product Sampling, Inspection and Analysis
Laboratory Procedures & Controls
Physical, Chemical, Biological, Extraneous Material Contamination and Cross contamination Control and Tracking
Systems Verification & Validation
Internal Audits
Quantity – Weight, Volume and Number Control
Non-conformance Control
Product Rework Control
Management of Incidents
Control of  Product Release for Sale
Foreign Material Detection systems
Calibration and Control of Measuring and Monitoring Devices
Production Operation Instructions (SOPs)
Process & Product Control
Goods Receiving, Shipping Storage and Transportation Controls
Inventory Management and Stock Rotation
Handling Requirements for Specific Materials – Materials Containing Allergens and Identity Preserved Materials
Facility Location, Construction and Maintenance
Exterior Grounds and Roadways Maintenance
Facility Construction (Materials and Surfaces)
Floors, Drains and Waste Traps
Walls, Partitions, Doors and Ceilings
Stairs, Catwalks and Platforms
Lighting and Light Fittings
Ventilation Systems
Equipment & Utilities Maintenance and Storage of Idle Equipment
Water, Ice and Air Supply Management and Testing
Employee Welfare Facilities
Traceability and Product Withdrawal and Product Recall
Uniforms and Protective Clothing Control
Pest Control
Control of Contract Service Providers
Supplier Specifications (All materials)
Purchasing – Supplier Approval and Performance Monitoring
Contracted Storage and Handling of Goods
Personnel Training
Personnel Welfare, Morale and Motivation
Illness and Injury Management
Personnel Employment, Security and Medical Screening
Contract Review and Customer Service
Customer Communications Management
Regulatory Affairs

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Posted By Felix Amiri
Felix Amiri is the current Food Industry Chair of GCSE-Food & Health Protection

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