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Monday, 4 January 2016

SSQA Training Options Survey

Due to recent inquiries and expressed interest in SSQA training, the GCSE-Food & Health Protection is now considering three possible options. The Team had initially resolved to sponsor physical attendance training conferences through donations and charge no fees to conference delegates. With this resolve, training conferences will take place depending on sufficient donations received to cover the costs. With the recent inquiries and some potential candidates indicating strong interest in receiving the SSQA training, the GCSE-FHP Team is now considering two additional options.

Through this survey, the Team wants to know which option (1, 2, or 3) the majority of people wishing to take the training prefer:

1. Stay with the donations and no fees option.

2. Hold physical attendance conferences with the delegates paying only to cover the costs for site rental, etc. so that as more people register to attend, the attendance fee amount drops for each candidate.

3. Conduct on-line seminars or webinars with a set fee between $200 and $600 per candidate that does not change no matter if more or less people register to take the training.

If you are interested in taking the training, please state the option you prefer in the comments section below. If you wish to respond privately, you may send an email to the Team stating the option you prefer. Email:

If your organization or business wishes to sponsor a conference please let us know:

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