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Friday, 19 September 2014

Ebola and Food Risks

In the not so distant past, the Ebola virus devastation in West Africa posed a global threat according to the World Health Organization (WHO). 

Is Ebola still a threat to the entire world? Watch the Ebola documentary video and see what some investigators are saying: 

Clearly, the death rate associated with Ebola may still be of some concern. Is there any connection or similarity between Ebola and food? Is Ebola conveyed through food? In the past, the World Health Organization has published a table of global health risks. How many of these risks can be attributed to food?

Many people do not care but we are all food consumers. Although we may feel invincible at times, it only takes one instance to change our invincibility with very regrettable consequences. In some cases, the regrettable consequences are suffered for life where life is not altogether lost.

With food, as it is with the Ebola virus disease, indifference can be fatal. The false security of being far away from West Africa is insidiously deceptive in a shrinking, highly mobile and continuously mingling world.

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