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Wednesday, 14 October 2015

Winning Back Lost Territories in the Food Safety Assurance War

Action is Needed: 

Our Food & Health are too big to fail:

Our territories are becoming overrun by strange appetites. Many industry generals are hypnotized and drawn by deadly attractions into loathsome and toxic patterns of behaviour. Confusion is ravaging the camps. Deceived by rogue experts, many lieutenants and their battalions are falling victims in droves to intentional and unintentional schemes of seemingly elusive enemies of civilization. With so many in the elite force pre-occupied with spurious engagements, the food industry will continue to suffer epic setbacks.

We must take back our territories. We must liberate our land from the grip of anti-civilization behaviour.

This charge is senseless only where the conscience is already dead. Sadly but prudently, we must leave those who have fallen with their dead conscience behind in our onward march to take back our land and . . . we shall not rest until we are victorious.

The war analogies & depictions may frighten some but it is more frightening for us to do nothing.

Jon Us!

No one is of less importance in this fight and no action is too small. If you tell only one other person about it, you would have beaten the complacency enemy and gained a soldier. Just think about the significant gain if you told two or more - Invite, incite and ignite the passion

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