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Thursday, 7 February 2013

Friends or Foes - What is True of Food and Health Industry Stakeholders Today?

What are the friendship dynamics?

With the players in the food and health industry sectors grouped into producers, processors, delivering channels, technical facilitators, regulators  and consumers, an inevitable fact emerges: These groups need to be friends in order to ensure the collective good. As can be expected, certain things are positively and negatively affecting the friendship dynamics among these groups.

Offer of help wins friends but punitive scrutiny loses them. 
Your Observation:  

How do you see the friendliness among these groups? What are the kinds of things that may be positively or negatively affecting the friendship dynamics? In thinking about this, you may consider the common objectives. You may also consider the main power brokers and how they are influencing the dynamics. Other considerations may include the part played by profit-making or political interests, professional aspirations, public education, management, control and enforcement strategies, or any other influencing factor that comes to mind. For example, are published outbreaks bringing these groups together as friends? Do money-making and/or political aspirations help or hinder the friendship? Is rampant distrust dividing and conquering the industry? What about new global developments and challenges, how are these affecting the friendship? Please provide comments below:
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