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Saturday, 1 September 2012

Beyond the Rhetoric

The GCSE-Food & Health Protection #inspirefoodsafety campaign not only calls for deliberate actions to protect consumers, it is leading such actions. The coalition seeks well-meaning individuals who are determined to act beyond merely recognizing the need to act. Members fully understand that, even where they are not part of the problem, they are able to be part of the solution. This may involve no more than simply listening to stakeholders and providing helpful insights.

Many campaigns call for “positive action” but only in general terms. GCSE-FHP is different. It provides the specifics about what constructive actions are to be taken by whom, when and how.

Here are some opportunities for you to take real, constructive, positive and progressive action.These opportunities are offered worldwide:

(1) Enroll as a Trainer or Trainee in the GCSE-FHP Certificate in Food and Health Protection Excellence (CFHPE):

(2) Contribute to the Collective Professional Wisdom via the GCSE-Food & Health Protection Compendium of Guiding Principles:

(3) Implement the GCSE-FHP Safety, Security and Quality Assurance (SSQA) Project/Program in your operation:

(5) Enlist in the GCSE-FHP Employment Benefit Pact (EBP) as an employee or employer:

(6) Nominate and be Nominated in the GCSE-FHP Award of Merit Program

(7) Motivate Employees and Customers through your commitment to the GCSE-FHP Members Pledge

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