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Friday, 14 September 2012

Dawning of a New Era in the Assurance of Consumer Protection and Satisfaction

First published on September 14, 2012, Updated July 11, 2018

Consumer Safety Assurance - Not a Matter of 
Hunger Games Entertainment

Today, many food and health product companies are running frantic with nagging problems. Food fraud, the E. coli enigma, Listeria hysteria, allergen contamination explosions, heinously hidden failures, et cetera. These are not the only problems and they are not a mere play on words. The consumer is at great risk.


While the industry is obsessed with money-making exploits and distracted by superficial compliance, with battle lines drawn where they should not be, colonies of invisible microorganisms are winning too many battles. As many industry players continue to shoot at compliance shadows, mutating pathogens are expanding their assault through the ecological and food system - Salem News: Mutated pathogens are on the Rise.
The industry can no longer afford to play “compliance” cat and mouse games while being tormented by mere microorganisms and pharmaceutical failures. Businesses must stand against all forms of intimidation, avoid hasty knee-jerk reactions and show a true commitment to protecting the consumer.

We must win this war, but not in the comfort of boardrooms or through rummaging in filing cabinets full of paperwork, but on the front lines (the production floor, the scientific laboratories, and on the technological advancement work benches) where we must battle the real enemies.
The industry must avoid reactions that lead only to mindless activities. Continuing to waste valuable resources in pursuing superficial activities like the food safety certification of food operations is suicidal. Many in the industry know that the certificate-solution provides no more than a false sense of security and hope. Superficial solutions hinder more than help the cause of consumer protection.

If the food industry is to make significant headway in food safety and quality assurance, those charged with the task must work to liberate their thinking from any confinement to within the basement of collective intelligence. Real progress will remain elusive if the industry continues to engage its visionary minds only in putting out fires that are caused due to lack of real vision.

A new day is dawning for the food and health industry sectors. GCSE-Food & Health Protection is taking part in leading the way into a new era of food safety and quality assurance. The GCSE-FHP SSQA program is part of this initiative. The era of productive collaboration is here.

SSQA spells the end of intimidation and stress. In this dawning era, debilitating certification threats and stresses are replaced by invigorating fortification team effort. No longer are friends and collaborators forced to interact as if they were antagonists in an institutionalized cat and mouse game. The SSQA era brings all stakeholders together to jointly aim its collective arsenal not at each other or at shadows, but most efficiently at the true enemies – everything that undermines the safety and quality of food. 

No more games! You are invited to check out the difference and promise of the SSQA Concept.

Take a look at some frequently asked questions (FAQs) or ask any question that you may have: Questions about the program. To add your question to the list, you may post it in the space for comments below or send it to the SSQA Development Team via Email.

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