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Saturday, 8 November 2014

Food Poisoning and the Economy – “Upset stomachs cost UK 11 million working days”

What part does our food-related health play in the national and global economy? How many people call in sick and stay home from work each day because of food poisoning in your country and worldwide?

Estimation of the global burden of foodborne diseases – final report to be released in 2015

All cases of food poisoning are not reported because the symptoms are often not recognized as food poisoning. Also many people simply weather the storm and carry on with life except where the individuals belong to the vulnerable population and further complications or even death may occur. Next time you feel queasy, you may want to check two things: 1) If there was any unhygienic behavior and 2) What or where you ate prior. 

Regarding the food you eat, be sure  to avoid anything suspicious. Doing so will be good for you and the economy. In fact, the good is for all of us since the economy and related taxation implications affect all of us in small bites perhaps but certainly.

With food poisoning, not going to work hurts the economy but going to work hurts the economy even more where the causative agent can be spread to other workers. Going to work provides the opportunity for more people to spread the agent and the punishment. Products may also end up being recalled to increase the food cost burden for all of us. In some instances, going to work while ill could also mean no more work for you thereafter. The scope of the burden is endless. Although we may be able to absorb these costs, something is always lost with every instance of food poisoning. The only solution is to ensure that effective control measures that prevent food poisoning are consistently enforced throughout the chain, from production to consumption.

In more ways than one, we are all punished to some degree by the fall out from  Indifference towards food safety control measures. 

Posted by Felix Amiri
Felix Amiri is currently the chair of GCSE-Food & Health Protection, and a sworn SSQA advocate.


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